Why do we need insurance intermediary?

Why do we need  insurance intermediary?
  • Since, the insurance contract is a complicated legal document with promises, a Qualified and Professional Insurance Broker will ensure that your declared interests are correctly and legally defined and specified in the insurance policies that you effect.
  • It helps you to understand and take measures to counter some of the impacts of those hazards through Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Management.
  • Since, the latest and up to date Insurance products are not often known to the customers, the intermediary ensures that the most modern Insurance services possible are available to customers.
  • It ensures that you get the best available protection with regard to wider Insurance cover, price, and claim services.
  • Since it is often difficult for a customer to ascertain and establish the sum insured, the value for the insurance, a broker with their vast experience and expertise will assist you to establish such value so that when situations give rise to claim, you are indemnified properly under your Insurance Policy.
  • Regulators and Insurers globally have agreed that in the event of a customer opting to use the services of an Insurance intermediary, the Premium should remain unchanged. Thus, the customer are entitled to the services of a Qualified and Professional Insurance Broker without any additional cost to them.
  • A qualified and Professional Insurance Broker ensures that scrutinizing and checking of policy documents is conducted under highest professional standards for customers safety.
  • A Professional Insurance Broker prepares the claim in a detailed and professional manner to obtain optimum benefits for the customer, under the Insurance Policy.
  • A qualified Insurance Broker will ensure that customer obtain the highest quality and prompt services at all times.