Why choose ISC?

  • We not only work for customer satisfaction, but our passion is to delight our customers.
  • We are pro-active and non conventional, and we practice innovative leadership and professionalism.
  • We believe in long term relationships rather than short term gains.
  • We have one of the best Customer Care and Support System.
  • Providing unbeatable services at the most reasonable prices in the market.
  • We cherish and take pride in our reputation, which is the result of the long tradition of delivering excellence in service to our customers, from 1997.
  • We work hard just to ensure that our customers get the best protection and risk cover.

Risk of not having a broker:

  • Claims may not be managed properly due to ignorance / lack of knowledge of insurance by customers.
  • Management of claims require expertise.
  • Dispute redressal / legal support can be facilitated by the insurance broker when need arises.

Our vision & mission



To become the most preferred intermediary in the insurance sector for the people of Oman by our unique and dedicated SERVICES.


Ensure value addition to our customers by proper risk management advices and through right insurance programme and policies.